AVI is recognized around the world as the expert in design, manufacturing, upgrade, repair and service of Boiler Water Circulating Pumps. We have an excellent working knowledge of water-lubricated bearings, both axial and radial (i.e. seal less pumps) used in the power generation businesses. These pump/motor units are part of the boiler system and are fully compliant with most of the internationally recognized design codes. We are constantly working with various vendors and organizations to offer new technology in this field.

We utilize over 35 separate procedures in the repair of Boiler Water Circulating Pump motors. We conform to ISO 9003 and CSA-Z299.3 QA standards. All our cable used in the winding of boiler Water Circulating Pump motors
utilizes the latest product available by Union Carbide for XLP insulation. All windings are done with the minimum amount of connections and placed in such a manner to offer the best efficiency possible. Every connection is fabricated to exacting tolerances and is fully tested and documented.
Our Technical staff can assist any station who needs a newly manufactured pump or is experiencing reliability problems with their existing units. From a new build to mechanical upgrades and assessing operating procedures, AVI has your BWCP solution. Call us at 800.376.7867 if you have any questions regarding Boiler Water Circulating Pumps.